Holiday Drive-Thru Food Crawl Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Event Located?
2900 N Elm St. Pixley, CA 93256

ADD-ON Ticket – what’s that?
You may add additional people to your vehicle, with an ADD-ON TICKET. Add-On Tickets are intended to add additional people to a vehicle that has ALREADY purchased tickets. Each passenger must have their own seat, with seat belt. Add-On ticket holders will not be allowed entry in their own vehicle.

Is There An Age Restriction?
No, there is no age restriction for this event.

Children Ages 4+ count as Vehicle Occupants and thus need a ticket. Children 3 and Under are Free and will be granted access to the zones, but will not receive Holiday Goodies.

Will Characters Touch My Car?
No. Characters may, however, approach your car at times.

Can I Have My Windows Rolled Down?
Yes, however we ask that ALL occupants of the car be wearing a mask when the windows are rolled down.

Will The Characters ALSO Be In Masks?
Yes, the characters will be in COVID-safe masks if approaching your vehicle (NOTE: All food is pre-packaged and meets health and safety guidelines.)

Headlights On Or Off?
We will ask that you turn your headlights off for the duration of the event. Little yellow running lights are fine.

Can we have people in our truck bed?
No, Everyone will need to be inside of the vehicle.

Can we pull a trailer through the event?
No. Trailers will not be allowed in the Drive-Thru. (Also no limos, RVs or busses.)

Will There Be Strobe Lights?
There will be theatrical lighting and it MAY include strobe effects, but the strobe light will NOT be aimed at any vehicles.

How Much Time Should I Plan To Be There?
Depending on the session time you’ve chosen, you should plan for approximately One Hour.

What Happens If It Rains?
We are open Rain or Shine, however if the weather is severe, there may be rain delays to your entry time.

Is Smoking Allowed?
Smoking is prohibited due to safety concerns. Guests are not allowed to smoke during the event.

Is Alcohol Allowed?
No. Open alcohol containers and/or drinking in the vehicle by ANY occupant will result in your immediate expulsion from the event. There will be Zero Tolerance Policy for Drinking and Driving.

Am I Able To Leave The Event And Re-Enter?
There are no in-out privileges, and re-entry will not be allowed.

Will There Be Restrooms Available?
Due to COVID-19 Safety Protocols, we ask everyone use the restroom BEFORE entering the event. Restrooms are for EMERGENCY only.

Is Photography or Filming Allowed?
Yes, however, you must TURN OFF YOUR FLASH–it is blinding and dangerous to the characters and other drivers. Failure to comply with this simple request may result in your expulsion from the event.

Can I Bring My Pet?
While we all know animals LOVE live attractions, we would suggest that you leave your pets at home, as there may be flashing lights and potentially startling moments on the trail that would frighten them.

I’m Pregnant, Or Have A Medical Condition…Should I Come?
We do not recommend anyone who may be pregnant, or may have an underlying medical condition (such as epilepsy or heart condition) that is exacerbated by stressful environments to attend, without first consulting your doctor.

How Do I Make An Emergency Exit From The Experience?
If you need assistance or have an emergency and need to exit, simply alert one of our staff members, who you will find throughout the course, and they will assist you. Please note, once you exit the event, there is no re-entry.

Can We Be Denied Entry?
We reserve the right to refuse admittance for: vulgar language, obscene behavior, weapons, alcohol, drugs, or violation of our COVID-19 Protocols and Safety Rules.

What if the event is cancelled due to COVID-19?
We have worked closely with the county to make sure this event WILL happen! Since everyone will be in their cars, with masks, all state mandated COVID-19 protocols are able to be followed. Furthermore, our event will commence, rain or shine! Although we have a “NO REFUNDS” policy on our tickets, in the extremely unlikely circumstance our event is cancelled, we will refund all orders minus the credit card processing fees charged to us by Shopify ($.30 + %2.9 of each transaction; on a $30 order, this is $1.20). We WILL NOT issue a refund for ANY other reason.