Pub Crawl Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a pub crawl?

A: The term “pub crawl” originated in England where, much like the downtowns in America, small pubs and taverns are within walking distance of one another. Party-goers could go from one tavern to the next stopping for one drink at each establishment. You can imagine that by the end of the evening, some of the folks were “crawling” rather than walking! In this particular case, you will have the opportunity to sample a variety of locally produced craft-brewed beers and mixed drinks along the way!

Q: What if I don’t want to “crawl”?

A: Rest assured; neither crawling nor drinking is required. Our goal is to provide you with a unique evening of entertainment. Besides getting to enjoy food & drink specials*, play our games, and participate in our contests for a chance to win prizes. There’s also a virtual photo booth so that you can share your pub crawl shenanigans on your socials.

Q: Does my ticket include beer or drinks?

A: Your ticket guarantees you drink and food specials.* Please bring extra money to purchase drinks and food along your scheduled route! Although most of our stops will accept credit cards, cash is preferred as it moves much faster.

Q: How does it actually work?

A: You will check-in with your Eventbrite QR code e-ticket that must be scanned by our check-in crew, during check-in time (4-5:30 PM). You will then be given your wristband. You will scan a provided QR code with your phone for the pub crawl schedule & map. Each bar you visit will have exclusive drink specials you can only get with your wristband. The schedule & map on your phone will also feature a prize wheel, a badge earning game, a virtual photo booth, and instructions on how to enter for a chance to win even more prizes in our fun social media games! (Your participation in the games and contests is voluntary.) You will stay in each bar approximately 30-45 minutes then it’s time to finish your beverage and on to the next stop. The crawl may also feature exclusive food specials at participating restaurants– be sure to find those on your map and hit them up for some grub, anytime!*

AND… we are excited to announce our new Express Check-In system that we are rolling out to select cities! (ALL cities, soon!) This exciting new upgrade to our pub crawl experience now brings you the following advantages:

  • Instant AND Flexible Check-in: Simply enter your email address on this page while you are at the event with location services and cookies enabled on your device and you are ALL SET! You can check-in ANYTIME from 4-9 PM, on the night of the event! (Although we recommend getting there by 5 PM as to not miss out on any of the fun!)
  • No More Wristbands: We’re ditching the wristbands! Our Pub Crawl stops will still offer great drinks at amazing prices.
  • Digital Access Pass: When you buy a ticket, you’ll get a special link with event map access. This will only work, if you bought a ticket! This is your golden key to all the games, contests, and fun features, easily accessible on your mobile device!
  • One Email/Order, Multiple Devices: If you bought more than one ticket, no worries. Our system keeps track and you will be allowed to use as many unique devices for as many tickets that you bought!

Q: Can I buy my ticket anywhere else besides online?

A: Our tickets are sold exclusively online. You cannot buy them from our check-in crew or from any of our participating locations. If the pub crawl hasn’t sold out yet, you may still purchase tickets online with your internet enabled smart device, just before and during check-in, at the event. We recommend buying them well before then because it would be very unfortunate for you to come all the way to the event only to find that the last remaining tickets just sold out.

Q: Can we bring our own booze or carry cocktails from bar to bar?

A: No! As much as we would love to let you, the law is pretty specific on both of these points. And the bars enforce them rigidly! This means no flasks, no bar-noculars, no pocket beers for the road, and no hiding a bottle in your wife’s cleavage and then pulling it out at the next bar. No outside alcohol is permitted…period, no exceptions. No drinks may leave the bar…period, no exceptions.

Q: Is tipping acceptable or required?

A: That is totally at your discretion. Tipping is encouraged, but not required. Many of our guests appreciate good service and choose to reward it to the bartenders and servers at the bars we visit.

Q: The event page says you are sold out. Are you really SOLD OUT?!

A: Yes. If it says sold out, there are no more tickets available. Furthermore, as much as we’d love to accommodate everyone that wants to go, there is a limit to the capacity of people we can allow, as per our insurance & location restrictions. Sorry, we cannot make ANY EXCEPTIONS.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Themed clothing encouraged but not required. Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes. Dress appropriately for the weather (if it’s raining we highly recommend raincoats and/or umbrellas). Shoes and shirts are required in all cases.

Q: May I smoke on the Pub Crawl?

A: That is totally at your discretion. However, please be advised that local law may likely prohibit smoking inside any public building, and that includes restaurants and bars. Smokers must indulge in approved areas. Sorry, not our call.

Q: Is food available on the crawl?

A: There will be food available for purchase as well as appetizer specials where applicable/available.*

Q: Which bars do we visit?

A: Follow the map/location list upon check-in via your mobile device. You will follow the schedule that corresponds to what time you check-in.

Q: I don’t want to be around a bunch of drunken “barely legals!” What ages come on to your pub crawl events?

A: Good question – obviously to come to the event, you must be 21 or older; however, our groups will be mixed. Guests of all ages, 21 & up, have mingled on the crawls and had a great time.

Q: How long does the crawl actually last?

A: Our crawls clock in at about 4-1/2 hours (3-1/2 if you check-in at the very last minute!) Our events end at 9 PM, however, if you have a curfew or if you turn into a pumpkin at midnight you are free to leave when necessary. Be sure you stick around for at least a little while though because… To be entered to win any of our games & prizes, you must be present at our event (based on your mobile device location services & cookie settings). For the full explanation on how all the games and contests work, please visit our rules page here!

Q: How long (distance) is your Pub Crawl?

A: It depends on which route you take but in most cases the entire Pub Crawl is approximately half a mile, as you usually only walk short distances between bars. While it is far from strenuous, we do recommend that you wear comfortable walking shoes and dress for the weather!

Q: Can we bring cameras or video equipment?

A: Sure!!! How else are you going to show all your Facebook, Instagram, & Tik Tok friends how cool you are, and how much fun our pub crawls are?! So have fun, and happy shooting!

Q: Do the events happen rain or shine?

A: Yes, our events happen in all-weather unless it’s dangerous.

Q: Is the pub crawl route wheelchair accessible?

A: This is going to vary by crawl and city. For details please contact the specific locations participating in the crawl you’re interested in.

Q: I am running late for the Pub Crawl, will you wait for me?

A: Check-in is from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm for our Saturday night events. If you miss it, sorry. You are welcome to check-in other late-coming guests in your party if you have their ticket; we will give you their wristband and you can give it to them later, when they meet up with you. Please give yourself plenty of time to get to the crawl and find parking!

If you’re using Express Check-In, you can check-in anytime from 4-9 PM. Yay!

Q: Is there parking near the crawl?

A: This can vary by event. Parking information will be provided to you here on our web site and updates will be emailed to anyone that has purchased tickets online. Please visit your city’s info page for the latest parking and check-in details.

Q: Do we go inside buildings during the crawl?

A: But of course! How else would we get drinks?!

Q: Do I need to bring ID?

A: ABSOLUTELY! You must bring a VALID, state issued ID to the event. We are not responsible if you are unable to gain entry into one of the taverns for failing to do so!

Q: I can’t make it to the event. Can I get a refund?

A: No. There are absolutely no refunds on ticket purchases to any of our events. Your ticket is transferable to another individual, so long as they present a valid, state-issued ID and your purchased ticket with it’s unique QR code (bar code).

Q: The event I bought tickets for was cancelled. Can I get a refund?

A: No. Again, there are absolutely no refunds on ticket purchases to any of our events however, if one of our events is cancelled, your ticket is transferable to any upcoming event we host in any city, up to twelve months into the future.

* Although our participating locations will do their best to not run out,
drink and food specials are subject to availability.
Locations subject to change.